The Pros And Cons Of Space Heaters

The Pros And Cons Of Space Heaters

You’ve probably heard that space heaters can save you money, but you’ve probably also heard they are hazardous. Improper use of space heaters is dangerous. When they are used correctly, however, they are safe. Weigh the following pros and cons before buying a space heater.

Pro: Reduce Heating Bills

Space heaters can indeed help some homeowners save money on heating bills. However, it depends on your lifestyle and needs. Some people saw an increase in their energy bills after using a space heater. When you know the correct way of using these devices, you can enhance the savings.

Pro: Small, Yet Powerful Models Available

Many modern space heaters have an attractive compact design that won’t take up a lot of space in your home. They are effective at raising the temperature of the room you’re in as well. Consumers are impressed with how well these small heaters can heat their rooms. If you don’t mind a larger model, you can still find them. Large space heaters usually use radiant heat technology. They are effective at heating large rooms like the family room.

Con: Can Start Fires

Space heaters cause 25,000 house fires every year. To prevent fires, read the instruction manual and use the heater correctly. These heaters can’t be plugged into extension cords or run overnight. Be careful to not knock them over either. When the heater tips over, it can start a fire. Some models have a tip-over safety switch to automatically turn off the heater if it’s knocked over. Also never put items too close to the heater as they could catch on fire.

Con: Only Heats One Room

If you want to heat the entire home, then space heaters aren’t for you. You must rely on a whole-house heating system. Space heaters can only provide supplemental heat for one room. Check the product’s specifications to know how large of a room it can heat. This may range from 150 to 250 square feet. Don’t use a space heater that’s not capable of heating the size of your room.

Con: Requires Monitoring

You should never leave one of these heaters running when you are not inside the room and awake to monitor it. Inattention is one of the ways house fires can start. Because space heaters can’t be used while you’re sleeping, you’ll need to rely on the home’s heating system to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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