Ductless Air Conditioning In Richmond, TX

Ductless Air Conditioning In Richmond, TX, And Surrounding Areas

Trust Air Express to install your ductless air conditioning in Richmond, TX. Keeping comfortable during the summer can be difficult. Your traditional HVAC system may have a hard time cooling the rooms upstairs. You may not even have air conditioning in areas like your garage, basement, or attic. That’s why we provide premium mini-split services you can count on.

Ductless Air Conditioning In Richmond, TX

Traditional HVAC systems like furnaces and central air often require a lot of expensive ductwork. These ducts need to reach every room in the house to ensure consistent temperature control throughout the year. Ductless air conditioning systems can be installed without invasively breaking down walls. They’re also much more cost-efficient and don’t require as much energy to cool your home.

Mini-split systems consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit connected by several pipes and wires. You can connect a single outdoor unit to as many indoor units as you need, creating the ideal zoning system to fit your household’s comfort needs. You’ll no longer have to worry about cold air being wasted in rooms that aren’t regularly used during the summer.

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Indoor units or handlers are often installed closer to the ceiling. Creating a system of handlers ensures all of the essential areas in your home are at a comfortable temperature. Mini-split systems are highly customizable, letting you design an HVAC system that best suits your family. These systems can be used in hard-to-reach areas like your basement or even in other buildings like guest homes. You can even consider installing ductless air conditioning alongside your current HVAC system to boost your seasonal comfort. Contact a local HVAC team to have your home professionally appraised. Licensed technicians have access to the best ductless models available on the market.

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Superior Mini-Split Installation

Air Express has more than 20 years of experience providing high-quality HVAC services to families in Richmond. Our AC technicians are dedicated to keeping you comfortable throughout the year. We even provide free estimates and walk you through your service options, so you feel at ease every step of the way. Our family-owned business is your best choice for HVAC services.

Boost your home’s comfort with a new ductless system today. Call Air Express now to schedule your appointment for a mini-split in Richmond.