Your commercial HVAC contractor in Richmond, TX, is Air Express Air Conditioning & Heating. Our team of specialists has the expertise and experience to repair, install, and maintain your air conditioning and heating systems. As a commercial HVAC company, we serve businesses large and small.

    Commercial HVAC Contractor in Richmond, TX

    Commercial heating and cooling is more complex than residential HVAC, demands higher investment, and needs regular maintenance. As professionals and from our experience, we respect the unique needs of business customers.

    Richmond’s Commercial HVAC Company for Repairs

    Richmond weather can be oppressive. When heating and cooling systems fail, you need established and ready specialists. Uncomfortable employees become less efficient, and customers are likely to make the visit short. In an office environment, staff loses interest in work.

    Contractors will have repair parts on hand for the most common repairs and have quick delivery options for any part. HVAC specialists, in many cases, can make temporary repairs until complete repairs can be made.

    Reliable Commercial HVAC Installations

    At some point, all heating and cooling system repair costs are prohibitive and it becomes time to invest in a new system. HVAC replacement installations can take advantage of existing ductwork, vents, mounts, and cables. Depending on how old your existing system is, expect improved energy efficiency with the new HVAC standards.

    A commercial HVAC contractor designs heating and cooling systems. The most critical step is assessing the cubic footage to be cooled or heated, which determines the capacity needed for the system; the building structure, including insulation, factors in as well. The contractor also ensures that all local building codes are in the design.

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    Maintenance Means Cost Savings

    Maintenance Means
    Cost Savings

    Complex and simple commercial HVAC systems have moving parts that wear and become less efficient. Filters need a replacement for proper airflow. Air conditioners require refrigerant to be added periodically. Gas heaters need cleaning, and electric heating needs heating elements to be changed.

    When heating and air conditioner maintenance is neglected, efficiency is lost. HVAC systems not working at their optimum level take more energy to do the work, and money is lost.

    During a maintenance visit, a technician from our commercial HVAC company will check the following:
    • Thermostat settings and operation
    • Electrical connections and currents
    • All drains
    • Control operation and airflow
    • Burners and coils

    For gas heating and safety, HVAC specialists will check all gas connections and pressures, burner combustion, and the heat exchanger. A specialist will visually inspect burners for dirt and cracks. There are also safety inspections specific to manufacturers’ recommendations.

    Air Express Air Conditioning & Heating, your commercial HVAC contractor in Richmond, is always ready to answer any questions by phone or on-site, so contact us anytime.

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