Heat pump service in Richmond, TX, can help you get the most out of your system. A heat pump can perform two important functions, as it can both heat and cool your home. By transferring heat from one place to another, it can do its job well, and as a bonus, it doesn’t require too much energy to run. Of course, sometimes issues arise, and in this case, a heat pump repair service can quickly take care of the problem. Many people in our area have become interested in this type of heating and cooling method, and you may also want to take advantage of it. Whether you have a newly constructed home or would like to replace an older HVAC system, you could benefit from heat pump installation.

    Reliable Heat Pump Service

    Regular maintenance in the form of an annual tune-up on a heat pump can probably prevent many problems from arising. Just like any other system in Richmond homes, though, a heat pump can get damaged and worn down over time. If you notice any unusual signs, you should reach out for heat pump repair service.

    Those signs could include the following.
    • Home feels too cold or warm
    • Strange noises or odors coming from system
    • Energy bills have increased
    • Reduced airflow
    • Leaks

    In general, older systems experience more problems than newer ones. Having said that, we’d like to point out that damage could result at any point. If you have low refrigerant due to a leak, your heat pump won’t work as efficiently. If debris blocks the airflow into the unit, some components would have to work harder to compensate, and this could result in inefficiencies too. A variety of other components could have caused the situation as well. For example, a reversing valve, starter capacitor, wiring, thermostat, and air filter all play vital roles. If one of those parts has gotten compromised, your system might not meet your needs.

    Once you’ve reached out for help, you won’t need to worry. A professional heating technician can diagnose the situation and replace or repair any broken components.

    Heat Pump Installation and Service

    A heat pump could keep your home in Richmond at a comfortable temperature throughout the year, and Air Express Air Conditioning & Heating can help you with the installation, maintenance, and servicing of your system. As a family-owned and -operated business that’s been around for more than 20 years, we take pride in what we do. In case of emergency, we can jump into action 24 hours a day. We provide free estimates on installations, and we have an up-front pricing structure and guarantee customer satisfaction.

    Contact Air Express Air Conditioning & Heating to find out more about our heat pump service in Richmond.