Air Express Air Conditioning and Heating Elite Service Plan in Richmond TX

Elite Service Plan – HVAC Maintenance

Your home is your largest investment. It’s the place of comfort and security for your family. Our Elite Service Plan will enable you to enjoy comfort throughout the year and reduce costly air conditioning and heating repairs.

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What’s Included?

Discounts: On parts and labor for heating and AC repairs. You save each time!

Seasonal Maintenance: Included at no additional charge (when done during scheduled times). Tune-ups save you money.

Free Reminders: Take this off your “to-do list”. We handle everything to keep you on schedule!

Increased Equipment Life: The #1 reason for system failure is dirt! Properly maintained air conditioning equipment lasts longer.

Lower Utilities: Properly maintained heating and air conditioning systems keeps more energy dollars in your pocket.

Priority Service: You get to “cut in line” ahead of non-members even at our busiest times!

Peace Of Mind: Your air conditioning system is safety checked, it’s saving you money, and it’s working correctly. If it’s not, you know who to call!

Satisfaction Guarantee: This agreement can be canceled at any time for any reason, or for no reason, with the unused portion of your dues refunded.

28 Point Complete System Rejuvenation

This seasonal maintenance keeps your system in top-notch condition.

Air Conditioning

1. Clean Outdoor Condenser Coil & Indoor Evaporator Coil if accessible
2. Flush out & clean all drain lines, condensate traps and pumps
3. Test ohm reading on compressor, IFM & OFM
4. Test & record A/C superheat &/or subcooling
5. Test & record volts & amps on indoor blower & outdoor A/C Compressor
6. Clean, test and record outdoor fan motor amps and volts
7. Test and record temperature rise/drop in heating/cool mode
8. Check blower settings, dip switches, and wiring
9. Test all controls and safety features on indoor and outdoor unit
10. Manually adjust existing supply plenum dampers to help balance airflow
11. Visually inspect indoor/outdoor coils and line set for refrigerant leaks
12. Tighten electrical connections on the disconnects
13. Cycle complete system (A/C, Heating and fan operation)
14. Clean and level the thermostat


15. Calibrate, adjust, and record heat anticipator setting
16. Test gas pressure furnace & high/low-pressure A/C
17. Examine heat exchanger for cracks & CO levels
18. Remove and clean burner and pilot assembly
19. Test and record resistance & amp draw on igniter
20. Test multi-amp reading on flame sensor/contactor
21. Remove any trash or debris from indoor unit
22. Inspect combustion air intake to code
23. Tighten or adjust all belts and pulleys if applicable
24. Leak test for gas leaks at furnace gas piping connections
25. Monitor flue draft on gas furnace
26. Examine duct conditions (if accessible)
27. Inspect vent connection and condition
28. Lubricate all moving parts on indoor unit