How Does A Heating System Work?

How Does A Heating System Work?

How your heater keeps your indoor air warm will vary depending on the style of the system installed. As we discuss the different home heating systems available, there’s one overriding principle that applies to all indoor heaters. Warm air rises, and cold air falls. Once you understand this, managing indoor air becomes a simple process.

Forced Air Heating

Forced air heating systems distribute warm air using a blower or fan. Heated air forces through the metal ductwork by the blower and delivers air into each room through a series of registers or grilles. The heated air arrives through the supply register. The cold air is pushed out through the return duct and back to the heater for warming. Ductwork is designed to supply air and return air, and airflow is directed by adjusting the flaps of the register.

Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems operate by warming an object in the room using a hot water system. Objects the system uses to radiate the heat include radiators, floors, or wall panels. The heated water flows into the object and into the room. Additionally, radiant heating systems typically distribute the heat naturally via gravity. However, there are models designed with circulating pumps.

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Gravity Heating

Finally, gravity-based systems depend on the principle that heat rises. Delivery of the warm air happens near, at, or below the floor of the home. Hot air flows through a series of ducts and into each room through a grille. The air is never forced into the room. Instead, it follows the path of the ductwork and rises naturally. Grilles are often located directly on the floor or in the wall near the baseboard.

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