Why Fall Heater Maintenance Is Important

September 14, 2021
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Scheduling heater maintenance in the fall is important for several reasons. It’s something that you should do every year before the cold winter weather arrives. Heater maintenance should only be performed by an experienced technician, as it’s not a do-it-yourself type of task.

What Are the Benefits of Heater Maintenance?

The technician will thoroughly inspect your unit to make sure that everything is working as it should. They’ll clean critical components and tighten any loose electrical connections. They’ll also check for carbon monoxide leaks and test safety equipment. Other tasks that they complete include checking thermostat settings, inspecting the condensate line and heat exchanger, and more.

Increased Energy Efficiency

By cleaning the inside of your heater and checking for wear and tear, the technician will increase the energy efficiency of your system. Your heater will run at its most optimal level, which reduces your energy bills.

Reduces Repairs

While thoroughly inspecting your heater, the technician is looking for any problems that may have developed. They’ll fix any small problems that they spot so that a little issue doesn’t become a costly repair bill.

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Increased Safety

When performing furnace maintenance, the technician will check for carbon monoxide leaks so that your home is safe. They’ll also check the safety controls in your heater to make sure that they’re in good working order.

Longer Heater Life

During heater maintenance, the technician will lubricate all moving parts. This minimizes wear and tear. Your heater will have a longer useful lifetime, which saves you money.

Keeps Warranty Active

Manufacturers require your heater to be professionally tuned-up every year for the warranty to remain in effect. If you need a repair that’s covered under the warranty, you need to show paperwork indicating that the furnace has received maintenance every year.

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