When To Schedule An Air Quality Inspection

When To Schedule An Air Quality Inspection

Assessing the quality of your indoor air is an essential step toward keeping your family safe and healthy. Whereas air conditioning equipment performs the vital task of maintaining top quality air, inspections are necessary to ensure that the equipment performs just right. Many homeowners often ask the question of how regularly you should perform these inspections. Here are the various circumstances that should prompt you to conduct an air quality inspection in your house or office.

As Regularly As Possible

Inspection of indoor air quality should be conducted regularly, preferably at least twice a year. Conducting the assessment on such a regular basis allows you to evaluate how well-functioning your HVAC equipment is. If the first inspection picked up some negative air quality indicators, you should schedule an equipment upgrade to rectify the issue and conduct another assessment soon after.

After HVAC Maintenance

After making major changes to your HVAC equipment, such as a makeover or replacement of major parts, you should conduct an air quality assessment. Such an assessment will give you a reliable indication of whether the system is functioning as expected. During the inspection, if you notice an anomaly in the indoor air quality, then you can reinspect the connections for some potential maintenance-related problems.

When Something Is Odd

Sometimes, you may notice odd sounds or smells in your house that could be associated with your HVAC equipment. This should prompt you to conduct a thorough air quality inspection to check whether the problem is related to your air conditioning system or not. For instance, if you notice that the furnace is producing some odd sounds or has a burning plastic smell, it could be an indication of a fault somewhere in the system. Conducting an inspection will ensure that the issue is noted and fixed as soon as possible.

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