What Should I Do if the Heat Goes Out?

November 18, 2021
Electrician Working On Breaker Box

It often gets freezing cold in the winter. What should you do if the heat goes out? The two most important steps are to get your heater repaired fast and to keep warm.

Check Your Thermostat

The first thing you should do is check your thermostat. Make sure it hasn’t been turned off and is turned to “HEAT.” Also, ensure the temperature hasn’t been turned down. If your thermostat has batteries, try replacing them.

Check Your Electrical Panel

A fuse may have tripped in your electrical panel. The switches should be labeled. Your heater should have a breaker dedicated to it. Check the other breakers, too, in case power was cut to your thermostat.

If these steps don’t work, call an HVAC company. Air Express Air Conditioning & Heating in Richmond, TX, can help you with heater repairs. We have 24-hour emergency repair services and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Limit Loss of Heat

After you’ve checked the electrical panel, try to limit heat escaping from your home. Roll up towels and place them at the base of exterior doors and on windowsills. If it’s a warm day and the sun is shining, open shades so sunlight can heat your home.

Your family should gather in one room to keep warm. Block entryways to the room using blankets to keep as much heat in the room as possible.

Use a Generator

If your power is out, use a generator to restore it. Be sure to keep a portable generator away from open windows. You should have a generator that can at least run your furnace and refrigerator.

Cook a Meal

If your power is still on, start cooking. Ovens generate a lot of heat that will warm up your kitchen.

At Air Express Air Conditioning & Heating, we’re known for our installation, repair and maintenance services for heaters and air conditioners in Richmond. We can also help you with duct sealing, indoor air quality products and services, and attic insulation. To find out more, call our office today.

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