Indoor Air Quality Sugar Land TX | Home Air Quality Testing
    Keeping your residence comfortable with great indoor air quality in Sugar Land, TX takes a properly sealed duct system. A reliable schedule for HVAC maintenance that includes home air quality testing is essential to helping you keep up with improvements like cleaning your ducts and resealing them.

    Indoor Air Quality in Sugar Land, TX

    Your HVAC system is your best filtration method to keep dust, pollen, and all kinds of particulates out of your home’s air. Uneven cooling and heating in your house, higher dust levels than usual, and an overworked HVAC system are good signs that it’s time to have your ducts checked. They develop leaks over time throughout the ductwork and vent areas. With properly sealed ducts, some people improve the energy efficiency of their HVAC system by 30%.

    Sugar Land Indoor Air Quality

    Properly sealed ducts are essential for getting the most longevity and efficiency out of your HVAC system.

    You should have your ducts checked if you:
    • Suspect an abnormally high presence of allergens inside
    • Have to run your HVAC longer than expected to heat or cool certain areas
    • Have uneven temperatures in different rooms in the house
    • Experience an unexplained rise in your energy bill
    • Have not had them checked within the last three to five years
    Sugar Land Indoor Air Quality

    Ducts typically need cleaning and inspection every three to five years. If you find that you have more animal, insect, mold, or dust problems than you’re able to take care of with regular cleaning agents, you may need to check the ducts more frequently.

    Ducts can experience a lot of buildup with regular cleaning from outdoor factors. If you have a natural or intermittently high presence of dust in your area or lots of pollen, you might need to have the ducts cleaned and inspected more often than every few years. Dust and pollen spikes may occur with natural weather fluctuations, but sometimes construction or traffic may increase the filtration burden on your HVAC system as well.

    Inspecting ducts is also an important thing to do if you have other HVAC issues not related to leaky ducts. This type of inspection helps with troubleshooting other HVAC problems like fan and thermostat issues.

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