If you’re concerned about your indoor air quality in Katy, TX, our team from Air Express Air Conditioning & Heating will be there to help. Poor air quality indoors can have an array of health effects. If you’re sneezing or coughing a lot in your home or you’ve noticed a musty smell, it could be due to this. Getting professional home air quality testing performed can help you understand the scope of the problem.

    Indoor Air Quality in Katy, TX

    A technician will be able to check your air for particulates, chemical vapors, and mold. Bacteria and viruses can also become airborne and spread throughout your residence. Getting testing performed can allow you to set up an air cleaning system that properly suits your needs. One of our experts can answer any of your questions about different types of systems and help you choose the right one for your situation.

    Home Air Quality Testing Services

    Air scrubbers and purifiers are great options for cleaning the air in your home. Our technicians will make sure that a system is properly sized for your space so that it can operate as efficiently as possible. A professional can also help you explore your options for upgrading the air filters in your heater or air conditioner in order to remove more air contaminants.

    There are many sources of indoor air pollution:
    • Pets
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Furniture
    • Candles

    Indoor air can be two to five times as polluted as the surrounding outside atmosphere. Air quality problems tend to arise during times of the year when you have to keep your windows and doors closed. This prevents fresh outside air from flushing out contaminants.

    Home Air Quality Testing Services

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    Katy’s Indoor Air Quality Experts

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