How to Reduce AC Power Consumption

May 14, 2020

In the hot climate of Richmond, TX, AC power consumption is a top concern of homeowners. Your energy bills shouldn’t be expensive if your AC is receiving annual maintenance. Other ways to reduce power consumption include changing the air filter monthly, using a smart thermostat and turning the thermostat up just one degree.

1. Turn the Thermostat Up One Degree

You’re not likely to notice a difference in indoor comfort by turning up your thermostat’s set point by 1one degree. This one degree does make a difference in reducing your AC power consumption, though.

2. Install a Smart Thermostat

An even more effective way of reducing AC power consumption is to use a smart thermostat to adjust the set point based on whether or not someone is at home. You can get away with turning the thermostat up a few more degrees when no one is home, and then turning it back down to its normal set point shortly before someone returns.

Some thermostats can learn your household’s patterns to adjust its cooling in a way that saves the most money while keeping you comfortable. Air Express Air Conditioning & Heating has smart thermostats available for residents in Richmond, TX, and the surrounding areas.

3. Schedule an AC Tune-Up Every Year

You should schedule an AC tune-up once or twice a year. Annual maintenance reduces AC power consumption and extends the lifespan of your AC. Your air conditioner is less likely to break down as well. During a tune-up, we inspect and clean the appliance. We also make minor repairs.

4. Change the Air Filter Monthly

Air filter changes are a maintenance task we must leave to the homeowner because it’s required monthly. Our technicians do change the air filter during a tune-up, but homeowners must still clean it for the other months. Air filters need to be changed frequently to prevent obstructed airflow and poor indoor air quality. Obstructed airflow increases your AC’s power consumption.

Air Express Air Conditioning & Heating has NATE-certified technicians serving the Richmond area. We offer repair, maintenance and installation of heating and cooling systems. We also provide indoor air quality, home performance, and commercial heating and cooling services. Our company is a Lennox Premier Dealer but can work on all brands. We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our credentials show that we’re a company you can depend on. Contact us today to schedule an AC appointment.

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