How To Keep Your Home Cool Without Air Conditioning

June 14, 2021

If you find yourself in need of relief this summer because your air conditioner requires repairs or you are waiting for a new installation, we have some suggestions to help you stay cool in the interim. First, consider reducing the size of your residential footprint. Close off unused rooms and commit your remaining resources to keeping the central part of your home comfortable. Once you’ve done this, focus on the strategies discussed below to relax and stay cooler during the hot summer weather.

Blow the Heat Out

If you have fans, it is easy to blow some of the heat out of your home. Use the fans to create breezes throughout your space and blow the heat outside. A box fan in a window in the hotter parts of your home can help draw the hot air outdoors. Place your oscillating fans in the cooler locations and point them toward the hotter areas of the living space to keep the air moving and cooling as it circulates.

Use Ice with Your Fans

A great way to get a quick break from the sweltering heat as the temperatures climb is to put ice in front of your fans. A bucket of ice tilted toward the fan creates a colder gust of more comfortable air.

Choose Different Rooms

Instead of gathering in the kitchen or living room on the main floor, you may want to gather in the family room in the basement. Basements are usually cooler in the summer months. You may also choose to lounge or get work done in an office or bedroom with black-out curtains. Dark curtains with white exteriors will help an interior stay cooler during the day.

Cook Outside

Nothing heats up a house faster than an oven. Consider using a crockpot instead. The best alternative, however, is to get some use out of your grill. Plan ahead and cook enough food for a while.

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