How To Check Air Quality At Home

May 24, 2021

If you’ve noticed more coughing or sneezing symptoms or if the surfaces in your Richmond, TX, home have dust on them, it might not be due to your housekeeping. You might be dealing with an indoor air quality problem. You’ve probably heard of ozone alert days, but you might not know how to monitor the air quality inside your residence. Read on to learn how you can check your home’s indoor air quality.

Track Your Health

If you think you and other household members are experiencing more allergy or asthma symptoms, keep track. Make note of when you have headaches, stuffy noses, coughing, sniffling, and sneezing. If your symptoms are worse when you’re at home compared to when you’re running errands or at work or school, your home could have poor indoor air quality.

Get an Air Quality Monitor

Consider an indoor air quality monitor for your home. These devices track the level of one to 20 different types of indoor air pollutants. Some of them are smart devices, so you can track pollutant levels through the app and monitor them over time. This allows you to determine if certain household activities are increasing pollutants in your home.

Install Radon and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Radon is a common indoor air pollutant that seeps into homes through basements, crawl spaces and foundations. It’s a gas with no odor or color. Radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer and the top cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. Carbon monoxide is a byproduct of the combustion of fuel. A faulty gas-powered appliance could generate carbon monoxide. You can get monitors for these gases or install a radon abatement system.

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