How Cold Does It Have To Get Before A Heat Pump Quits Working?

How Cold Does It Have To Get Before A Heat Pump Quits Working?

Heat pumps work to warm the home by moving heat from the outdoors to indoors. However, many people considering getting a heat pump worry about where their heater will get heat from if it’s freezing outdoors. To see whether or not heat pumps work in freezing weather, it’s essential to understand how they work.

Will A Heat Pump Work In Freezing Temperatures?

Modern heat pumps can still operate in freezing temperatures because they have compressors that adjust speed and energy consumption based on temperature. They also use grooved copper tubing that better facilitates heat exchange. The end result is that a heat pump can still suck enough heat from below-freezing weather to warm a home to comfortable levels. It does this by repeatedly pushing minimal heat levels into the house until things feel reasonably warm.

Do Heat Pumps Still Save Energy In Cold Weather?

Since heat pumps do use some electricity to run, you might be wondering whether they use so much electricity they aren’t worth the cost. It turns out that even in freezing temperatures, heat pumps continue to work well. A 2018 study tested heat pumps running in frigid Minnesota winters and found that residents with heat pumps still saved up to 50% on their energy bills.

When Is It Too Cold For A Heat Pump To Work?

The exact temperature where a heat pump starts to struggle will vary based on your equipment. The standard heat pump can still work in temperatures of more than -10 degrees Fahrenheit. A properly insulated home will still stay comfortable in outdoor temperatures as low as -13 degrees.

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