Four Reasons Why Ductless Heating and Cooling Is Right for You

March 17, 2023
Fixing Ductless mini split

With the rising cost of energy, more and more people are looking for ways to reduce their energy expenditure while keeping their home comfortable, which is where ductless heating and cooling systems come in. Like traditional systems, ductless ones move heat from one point to another, either to cool or heat air in your home, but they do so without needing to be connected to a complex system of ductwork.

1. Easy Installation

Ductless systems are quite different from traditional homes’ heating and cooling systems, as they can be installed easily anywhere within a home. A ductless system can even be added to a home without tearing apart walls, making it easy to use them to augment an existing central HVAC system along with converting the system completely.

2. Increased Energy Efficiency

If your ductwork isn’t kept up well, it can lead to decreased energy efficiency for your overall HVAC system; for instance, leaks in your ducts can let conditioned air out, meaning that your system needs to work harder to make up for the loss. Because ductless systems don’t need to circulate air throughout your entire home, they’re often more energy efficient.

3. Saves Space

Ductless systems, similarly to traditional HVAC systems, still use multiple units to heat and cool the air in your home. However, the units are often smaller, and they don’t rely on bulky ductwork. As a result, they can give homeowners more flexibility with their home’s structure, whether there are large renovations going on or you’re deciding on a system for a home being built.

4. Quiet Operation

Ductless systems are much quieter than traditional heating and cooling units. They use less energy and generate less noise, making them a better choice for those who want to take advantage of the quietness of the home when they want it.

Consult With the Experts

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