Thermostat Modes/Settings Explained

Thermostat Modes/Settings Explained

A thermostat is the tool you use to direct how your home comfort system operates. You must first select either the heating or cooling mode. The alternative is to set this switch to OFF, which will shut down the entire heating/cooling procedure. Once you have turned the device to COOL, for example, you will then choose a temperature setting. This will direct your equipment to cool the house until it achieves the desired level. It will then shut off until the temperature rises above this level, at which point, it will start up again.

That much is self-explanatory. The discussion that follows will predominantly concern the other settings on your thermostat, the ones that control your fan. The fan is the component that circulates conditioned warm or cool air throughout your residence. You have control over that too.

The ON Setting

The ON function tells the system to keep the fan running continuously, even after the designated temperature has been reached. The advantage is more even air distribution. The disadvantages include more wear on the equipment, higher cost of continual operation, and the fact that the filters can clog faster. Also, fans running by themselves can sometimes send cold air into rooms in winter and hot air into rooms in summer.

The AUTO Setting

To save on energy costs, the AUTO function should be selected. Once the equipment cools or heats to the requested temperature, the AUTO function then turns the fan off along with the rest of the system. The advantage is that the system will use less energy. Your utility bills will remain at a consistent level. The disadvantage is the possibility of cold or hot spots because the air isn’t constantly moving.

Using The Fan Alone

When the outdoor temperature is pleasant and all you need is air circulation, you can use the fan by itself. Turn the heating/cooling mode to OFF and the fan to ON. Using this setting may require opening windows to get the air circulation you want.

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