Is It Safe For Me To Power Wash My AC?

Is It Safe For Me To Power Wash My AC?

The AC unit for your Richmond, TX, home sits outdoors 24/7, where it’s exposed to the elements, insects, animals and more. Pollen, insect debris, animal droppings, tree sap and more may get into the AC unit, reducing its efficiency and potentially damaging sensitive components. Read on to learn whether or not power washing your AC unit is a safe or recommended method to keep the system clean.

Never Power Wash Your AC Unit

Never power wash an air conditioner. Its aluminum housing may warp or bend. The tubing carrying the refrigerant may crack from the pressure of a power washer. Essential lubricant for the motor may be sloughed off by the powerful jet of water. Power washers can also ruin the wiring and electronics of the AC unit.

Safe DIY AC Maintenance

If you notice a layer of pollen or bird droppings on your AC unit, you can safely remove the debris. Begin by turning the unit off. Cut the system’s power at the breaker. Use your garden hose to rinse the outdoor unit’s housing. Don’t use any tools, and don’t reach into the unit. If you can’t remove the debris or you see an accumulation of dirt inside the housing, it’s best to call an HVAC technician for a maintenance visit.

Hire A Professional

The best way to maintain a clean air conditioner is to hire a licensed and certified HVAC technician to perform a tune-up each spring. During this tune-up, the technician will thoroughly clean the unit and remove any stubborn debris with tools specifically made for use on HVAC systems. We recommend an annual tune-up each spring before the hot weather arrives.

If you’re not in need of AC maintenance today, we also offer heating maintenance. Our indoor air quality solutions and home performance services keep you comfortable all year long. If you’re a business owner in the Richmond area, you can also trust us for reliable commercial HVAC services. For more information on keeping your AC unit clean, reach out to us at Air Express today.